“I have demoed 3 systems from different vendors, including Global Network Inventory. I received much better results, speed and ease of use from the Global Network Inventory system. The Global Network Inventory system was also thousands less coming in at a very reasonable list price. The product will also inventory my managed switches right down to telling me what computer is plugged into what port number which is very useful in my VLAN’d environment. The reporting is great even providing date of install and license keys and it does not require any software or client to be installed on the remote PC. I got it up and running in less than 5 minutes. I spent much longer with systems from other vendors and still did not receive very good results.”

Robert Kochanowicz
Wintergreen Resort
“Magneto Software ICMP ActiveX control a great control with the just the right amount of functionality.
Searched long and hard for this one.”

Simon Manners
Chevron Corporation