Product: System Info ActiveX Control: Features

  • System Info Controls Pack

    System Info Controls Pack includes all ActiveX Controls that are listed in the table below.

    All of these controls are state-of-the art asynchronous controls that are capable of performing multiple requests simultaneously.

    These controls can be used from any Windows-based applications development environment, including Visual Studio. All controls come with documentation, sample code, and working demo programs.

    System Info Controls Pack is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
    System Info Controls Pack requires Windows XP or higher.

Component Description Documentation
Network Resources ActiveX Control Network Resources ActiveX Control provides information about shared network resources on local or remote machine. sknetresource.pdf
Process Info ActiveX Control Process Info ActiveX Control provides an easy way to monitor and control processes, applications, and threads running on the current machine. skprocessinfo.pdf
System Info ActiveX Control System Info ActiveX control provides vital system information including: Address translation (ARP) table, ICMP protocol information and statistics, Networking interfaces table information and statistics, IP address table, IP protocol information and statistics, IP routing table, TCP connect table, TCP protocol information and statistics, UDP connect table, UDP protocol information and statistics. sksysteminfo.pdf