Magneto Software Partner Program At Magneto Software, our Partners are very important to us! Our Partners drive the growth of Magneto Software by selling our products efficiently and professionally to meet their own customers' needs. Everyone wins when a Magneto Software Partner sells a Magneto Software solution: Magneto Software and the partner both profit, and the customer gets a quality solution to their business problem. As an partner, you can market Magneto Software products by placing links on your Web site to the relevant product pages on Magneto Software site. You will receive commission for each sale of these products via your Web site.

Requirements We have designed our Partner program requirements to encourage easy participation and incremental sales. Our goals are to assist you in generating additional revenue through the co-marketing of our products to your customers and clients. Important note: By registering for the partner program, you agree to display information describing your affiliate relationship, created either by Magneto Software or share-it!. Alternatively, you can create your own text provided that it is accurate, appropriate, and not deceiving. Furthermore, you guarantee that (i) the material on your Web site does not contain representations of violence, sexually-explicit content or discriminatory statements or representations with respect to race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age, nor is it illegal in any other way; (ii) the material used does not infringe the rights of third parties, especially no patent, authorial, brand or other commercial property rights or general personal rights; (iii) you do not send any e-mail without the express, previous permission of the recipient of the e-mail (spam e-mails).

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